Information Technologies

Information Tech – Artificial Intelligence


  • Web Content Classification
    CScope URL: Website content classification by using text, image and video.
    CScope WebEx: Detection of  news / articles in a website by using content analysis.
  • Smart Dialogue System (SDS): Understanding the needs by establishing smart dialogue with customers and making the necessary answers and directions accordingly.
  • CM (Competitor Monitoring) Data analytics solution that includes sentiment analysis, brand analysis and competitor analysis on social media and news data available in the internet.
  • Sales / loss forecasting for the retail industry.
  • Industry 4.0: With our sensor analytics and soft sensor development solutions for industrial applications, data classification for manufacturing and industrial sectors, and analysis of sensor data from the field for smart factories to make fault prediction and production predictions.
  • Smart Agriculture: Our solutions aim to increase the production and quality of agriculture by detecting the diseases and nutritional disorders of plants with artificial intelligence applications.